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  Expert: stratigraphy to more use of new technologies and big data Asias top prize winner of the first international field of stratigraphy, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shen Shu-zhong: stratigraphy to more use of new technologies and big data Shen Shu-zhong study in Meishan, Changxing, Zhejiang.Local time on July 4, the Third International Congress held in Milan, Italy formations, the academician Shen Shu-zhong won international stratigraphy personal Outstanding Contribution Award.Edition picture / respondents for local time on July 4 chart, the Third International Congress held in Milan, Italy formations, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Professor Shu-zhong Shen won the international field of stratigraphy the highest award, and this is the first time Asian faces on the awards podium.Yesterday, just returning academician Shen was interviewed by the Beijing News reporter.He hoped that we pay more attention to stratigraphy, paleontology traditional geological research so less prominent, hoping to take advantage of new technologies and new testing methods currently evolving to carry out interdisciplinary research, promote stratigraphy.Shen Zhong tree is a world-renowned scientist strata, paleontologists, brachiopods and conodonts animal expert, made an important contribution in establishing the boundaries of the worlds formation, Permian two "golden spike" located in Chinas major one contributor.Nearly eight years as President of the International Commission on Stratigraphy Permian branch for the development of the Permian stratigraphy, and the establishment of a global stratigraphic sequence, the end-Permian mass extinction research has made outstanding contributions.- International personal stratigraphy Award for Outstanding Contribution Award words stratigraphy international personal Outstanding Contribution Award is the highest award an international field of formation.Established in mid-2004 by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, awarded once every four years, each time only one person is individual outstanding contribution award, designed to reward outstanding contributions in the field of international stratigraphic geologists.This year 58-year-old Shen Shu-zhong is the fifth winner, is the first scientist to receive this award in Asia.This is for China to talk about winning the field of stratigraphy encourage Beijing News: As the first Asian scientist to receive this award, what are your feelings?Zhong Shen tree: The stratigraphy won the International Award for outstanding contributions to individuals, represents the international recognition of academic formation stratigraphy paleontology research China.The past 20 years, Chinas large number of staff engaged in the formation of the most basic paleontological research, a lot of work, and made outstanding achievements, which is a credit to everyone.So to encourage China in the field of stratigraphy of this award more sense.Beijing News: Presentation speech mentioned that you are one of the Permian two "golden spike" a major contributor to settle down in China.Can you tell us about China now has many "Golden Nail" it?Permian behind the two "golden spike" settled in China, the researchers paid a kind of effort?Zhong Shen tree: In geology, "Golden Nail" is the only criterion for the definition and formation of the difference between the worlds different is formed, in a particular place and a particular rock sequence marked.Built one of the main purposes of "golden spike" in order to solve the geological history of time alignment problem.At present, China has established 11 "Golden Nail", it is one of access to "golden spike" of the two countries on most international, and the other is Italian, also 11.To be in the country built a "golden spike" is not easy, first of all to have a good local natural conditions, rock outcrops to complete and careful study, to get recognized by international peers, because the "golden spike" need to vote in favor of the International Working Group set up.Permian two "golden spike" are located in Guangxi guests Penglaitan and Changxing County, Zhejiang Meishan.Was the work of two international scientific working group CAS Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Jin Gan leadership to carry out, I was one of the main members of the Working Group.OK "golden spike" many years of research needs, I first went to Guangxi Penglaitan study in 2092, the final "golden spike" was settled in 2005.In the earlier period, Chinas other scientists early geological survey work in this area is also very important.On the research had the Permian mass extinction time accurate to 60,000 years Beijing News: You have five scientific expeditions to Tibet, What have you learned?To study the local environment which brought difficulty?Zhong Shen tree: in 2094, my first time to carry out field geological work in Tibet.At that time the plateau conditions are very difficult, very difficult time to go, no place to live, nothing to eat.At that time few people go to the expedition, we understand the extent of formation of Tibet is not high.Unknown area inaccessible situation, we are very interested in the regions highest elevation we reached nearly 6000 meters.I made some major studies of the Permian geological conditions in Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 200 million years ago.My early results are basically made out of here.Beijing News: You studied the Permian extinction on large had appeared in the "Top Ten Chinese scientific progress in the year 2012"?The content and significance of what?Zhong Shen tree: we are very concerned about environmental issues and the evolution of life on Earth.Permian Paleozoic of the last century, between the Carboniferous and Triassic, has undergone a total of about 4700 million years.The end of the Permian, probably dating back 2.5.2 billion years ago, a mass extinction events occurred, it is the geological history of the biggest mass extinction, more than 90% of marine life and 70% of the land mass extinction.Paleontologists have been through the study of formations, fossils, trying to restore the historical truth of mass extinction.Zhejiang Changxing Meishan, I conducted research teams in international peer CAS Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Museum of Natural History and other peoples stratigraphic framework of a comprehensive high-precision, quantitative analysis and a variety of biological diversity Research geochemical indicators, found that environmental changes caused by large-scale surface magmatic activity is the main cause leading to mass extinctions.Stratigraphy mainly to solve the problem of time than in the past scientists believe that such a mass extinction took millions of years time, we will study the exact course of the incident at around 60,000 years.Beijing News: China stratigraphic study in what can go further?Zhong Shen tree: In recent years, Chinas stratigraphy has made great progress, but the settlement in different parts of the formation time alignment problem still a lot to improve.In addition to the traditional biostratigraphic work to do, but also to carry out more interdisciplinary research, new technologies and new testing methods.For example, we are promoting the work of big data science research in the hope that the period of Earths history, evolution, and other geological data demonstrated.On the Tibetan Plateau expedition work will be carried out stratigraphic studies Beijing News: You served as Chairman of the International Commission on Stratigraphy Permian club for nearly eight years, what are the main work?Zhong Shen tree: each branch of the International Commission on Stratigraphy there by scientists from various countries elected President, the composition of the Executive Committee, also including the election committee.Permian Chapter 17 of the Election Committee, when it comes to international rules, such as "golden spike" was built where, using what criteria, etc., required by the electoral committee vote.Beijing News: What are you currently undertake research projects?how is the progress?Zhong Shen tree: the current commitment to the National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Science and other related projects.Consider more recent project is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau expedition, I mainly do research aspects of formation.On the experience of the year directly from secondary school students admitted to the graduate Beijing News: Your award-winning news boarded a hot search, users believe that your study experience is very inspirational, "Legend".What was the situation?Zhong Shen tree: in 2077, Chinas reopening, the first time I went was to get well, because we never learned before physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical taught school, tractors, water pumps.The next year, I applied for college, eventually Zhejiang coal industry school "geology" Admission.After graduating from secondary school, I was assigned to mine when skilled workers.The next two years, I have been strenuously self-study university textbook, admitted to graduate from secondary school students directly, was relatively good grades in English.Beijing News: In 2000, you return to do what is derived from research opportunity?Zhong Shen tree: in 2096, I was send the Ministry of Education to study in Japan, then a postdoctoral fellow in Australia.In 2099, at an international conference held in Australia, I met the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences older generation of scientists Jin Gan Academy of Sciences.Jinyuan Shi and I go into the details, I have an invitation to return to work, encouraged me to apply for Chinese Academy of Sciences "outstanding talent from overseas.".I also hope to continue to engage stratigraphy work, he took the whole family back, this time winning most of my work is what I do during the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology.■ Sound hope to keep the style of the older generation of young field geologists hard work, you can take "bench", loneliness.At the same time learn the most basic traditional geological survey work, combined with computer technology and other new technologies and new ways to promote academic development.- The Beijing News reporter Zhang Lu Zhong Shen tree

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