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  Summer, insects came, protective trick here Summer, insects came, protective trick here Summer is coming out of the window to bring touch of cool gentle wind, sun flowers, such as refreshing sea.Cut to a summer Chinese Tang dynasty, may be this: the southern summer season, body Rehan, such as springs, gnats to Fraser, robe for paddy.People in mosquito frog nascent environment, the most vulnerable is the skin, and the need for timely protection to avoid serious consequences.Lets look at three real stories, learn about common summer diseases caused by mosquito bites.Story One: eyelid swelling of mosquito bites turned into a summer evening peaches, 3-year-old Andy crying and was taken to Childrens Hospital emergency department, surrounded by family physicians continue to ask the child to the right face was swollen, his eyes become a crack, allowing people to touch the skin pain, parents also recite.It turned out that he was a mosquito bite to the eyelid, beginning his family did not pay attention to, such as a past afternoon, facial swelling significantly, faces badly bruised like a peach, had to go to the hospital.Professional dermatologist description: mosquito bite reaction is the bodys immune response induced by mosquito saliva proteins.Typical performance is instantly bitten by local redness and blisters, etc., is most evident in half an hour early, may subside after a few hours.But some people, especially preschoolers common, serious mosquito immune response proteins, and thus can be severe allergic reactions and symptoms such as itching skin.Sometimes spread from the bite site to the surrounding wide range of the body, become large local reaction.Especially in the loose skin at the eyes and face and other more common, severe visual affect children, such as eating and sleeping.Like previous findings in this case, not quiet the whole family.Further comprising a harm, some patients immunity scratching or abnormal state, can be further evoked scratching mosquito bites site bacterial infections, such as severe cellulitis face appears like.Sometimes, the early and timely identification of common allergic reactions and secondary soft tissue infection related to treatment, even life and death.High-risk groups include mosquito bites: 1.Exposure to high mosquito populations, such as outdoor workers; 2.Somewhere new to the people or tourists, it has not been exposed before the local mosquitoes, did not produce immunity; 3.Children and the elderly relatively low immunity or congenital immunodeficiency.One of the key points to identify mosquito bites and other local reactions to insect bites or cellulitis caused by bacterial infection are: swelling and itching from mosquito bite bite time there are different parts of.General allergic reactions and discomfort usually subside a few hours, but a few days after secondary infection may subside but the rash worse, obviously itching.The second point: the different mosquito bites itself feels different.Mosquito bites are painless, compared to the pain caused by insect bites often due to bee, wasp or fire ant due.Method of treating mosquito bites include DEET, and topical and systemic anti-allergy treatment, etc..We should change the way a number of activities to avoid mosquito bites.As with children in avoiding dawn to dusk or the like wetland or waterside.Body odor, skin temperature and exhaled carbon dioxide gas can be detected to mosquitoes, this is referred to trick the mosquitoes.The most effective repellents is DEET, products containing DEET can protect the body avoid bites.For example, ten percent concentration of DEET may well protect the human body, in a safe range, the higher the concentration the better protection.Story Two: After the kids camping outing scratching the body out of the one thousand bloodstains arrival of summer, many schools organize students on a field trip to travel, broaden their horizons, cultivate feelings.6-year-old Meng Meng at the weekend after the outing began to itch, catch a non-stop day and night.When she went to the dermatology clinic took off his clothes, put next to the patient were startled.There are hundreds of her packed red knots, his hands incessantly scratching, looking at all the introduction of heartache.It turned out that she was infected with scabies.What is scabies?Meng Meng infection and how it?Physician to help children find the answer.It turned out that the child class weekend outing to the mountains, the night someone living in tents, and people in Tukang fellow home.After returning home to live on the kang few people have experienced similar skin symptoms.Scabies is called scabies mites are small insects infected with disease-causing skin.Often it occurs in a moist environment, especially people such as Meng Meng collective life of.When they come into contact with scabies patients or patients through clothing and bedding, etc., will be infected with scabies mites on the skin and cause disease.Scientific name scabies mites scabies mites, very small, small to the naked eye can not distinguish between direct.After it come into contact with human skin, it is a dig, eat dander inside, raw eggs and then began to marry, have children.Worms crawling around in the top layer of skin, the skin itchiness, there will be many small rash.The most intense itching at midnight, because the male and female scabies mites are active in the skin, often causing the patient can not sleep.Red bumps on the skin scratching becomes large increase, formed more grasping more itching, rash more vicious cycle.Understanding of the transmission of scabies, corresponding control method is also very clear, attention to personal protection, especially in collective accommodation who must first make clean, but also moisture, do not mix bedding clothing.This will cut off the spread of scabies mites among the crowd.For patients with scabies, and do not close contact with other people, whether adults and children are infected each other.If a patient receiving treatment, inmates also recommended for treatment, because even if there is no close contacts itching and rash and other symptoms, they may also carry the body surface scabies mites.The most effective treatment for scabies patients using topical sulfur ointment, from the painted body below the neck skin, because scabies mites are not the facial skin to activities.Twice daily, continuous around 7-10 days, during which the best is not bathing, bathing should immediately if the applicator once again, the purpose is to keep the skin covered with cream at any time.The above treatment is the physiological cycle scabies mites decision: scabies mites from egg to be fertile adult generation lifecycle 3 days, so medication for more than 7 days to cover more than two from egg to adult life cycle, can kill eliminate scabies mites, scabies cure the.Note also that the patients clothes and utensils best scalded with boiling water again, kill scabies mites and eggs, or with a plastic bag tightly wrapped up a week or more and then cleaned, scabies mites can not let in three days in the life cycle come into contact with human skin, it was the starvation death.Story three: the mountains run into bite the scalp really die than let go of insects Xiaoqiang 5 years old, when to go to the suburbs to play the weekend, my mother found a gray-black bugs unknown on his scalp, how to make bombs can not get rid , the mother anxious, did not dare pull hard, the baby cried also itch, and quickly put the baby to the hospital.Doctors found that children generally in good condition check, scalp seen a diameter 0.5 cm oval dark brown parasite, the surface pattern, careful observation seen below there are four pairs of feet.Asked that the baby play outside, insect bites continued for several hours, unable to move or remove the touch, consider ticks.What do ticks insects?Ticks genus Arachnida, Acarina, parasites as round, with four pairs of legs, shaped rather like a castor bean, has two types of hard ticks and soft ticks.Ixodes, time sucking up to several days, blood-sucking large; soft ticks often attack the host in the night, vampire short time, usually a few minutes to one hour, a few also for several days.After sucking ticks after leaving the host blood.What are the symptoms after a tick bite?Feel pain at the beginning of bites, may have varying degrees of itching.24-48 hours after the bite, may be varying degrees of local inflammation, the light appears only local erythema, insect bites a central petechiae or ecchymoses.In severe cases, petechial around obvious edema, erythema, papules or vesicles.There may be local soft tissue swelling lymph nodes, in a vicinity of the wound.Slightly longer time, there may be hard nodules, scratch after the formation of ulcers.Nodules persist for months or even a year or two unhealed.A few cases of fever and a red rash and other generalized systemic reactions.Tick insect bites can cause disease do?Gaobu Gao chance?Because the bacteria can carry toxins into the patients blood through the mouthpiece when ticks bite, caused by infectious diseases, but not everyone will be carried by ticks, the incidence rate is not high, we found ticks Do not panic, remove parasites deal after the wound, to closely observe the condition, discomfort, ready to hospital.Tick insect bites which have adverse reactions or serious illness?Clinical tick-borne disease is less common, strong regional.Related diseases as a "tick-bite fever.".Blood-sucking ticks after a day or two patients with chills, fever, headache, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, ticks from 12-36 hours after symptom relief body.Tick-borne encephalitis further propagation, Xinjiang hemorrhagic fever, tick-borne relapsing fever, Lyme disease, Q fever, North tick-borne rickettsial disease.Some tick bites, especially after bites the head saliva neurotoxin can be injected into the body, causing "tick paralysis" or "tick paralysis", showing the gradual development of ascending paralysis, severe cases may be due to paralysis of the respiratory center and death, especially common in children.Tick insect bites for a long time, difficult to remove yourself, how to safely remove the parasite complete?First of all to remove the complete parasites, do not be forcibly removed, so as not to tear skin injury or damage caused by secondary mouthparts break in the skin.Topical ether, chloroform, turpentine, kerosene and other stimuli applied to the head of the tick ticks, the ticks self-promoted minutes.Ticks or coating head with a thick Vaseline ointment, liquid paraffin, glycerol, etc., suffocation, and then pulled out with tweezers gently ticks.As well as professional tools to get rid of ticks small, easy to carry in the camp, after removing the tick wound disinfection.If itching, local erythema, itching treated with calamine lotion, skin rash increase if, blisters, nodules, glucocorticoid ointment plus, if ulceration, swelling, or topical antibiotic ointment topical and oral antibiotics.Wen / Xu Zhe

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