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  "The most beautiful college counselors" Fan Rui: colleagues and love Mo flowers waiting "If we choose the best for the benefit of mankind and professional labor, then the burden will not be able to overwhelm us."Marxs words, Shandong University counselor Fan Rui has in mind.Shandong University instructor Fan Rui is the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education jointly named as "the most beautiful college counselors.".Fan Rui courtesy engaged counselor for 13 years, Fan Rui adhere to the use of network platform to communicate with students, and wrote more than 1,300 original articles, answering questions tens of thousands of students.She insisted on going weekly student dormitories, and a student face to face communication at least once a day, writing a weekly logbook.Under the support of school leaders, Fan Rui psychology self-knowledge, set up a "Fan Rui emotional education studio" and the creation of "love and marriage" elective course, are full almost every semester elective to help students solve a lot of emotional, emotional problems.In June this year, Fan Rui is the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education jointly named as "the most beautiful college counselors."."A qualified counselors have faith, love and responsibility" once someone Fan Rui said: "I think you would like to write about famous."Fan Rui some frustration:" In fact not the case, you only see the text I wrote, but I did not see the work done behind."In 2015 as a student counselor when, in addition to Fan Rui and at the same time each student one on one communication, but also and most of the parents was one of the telephone communication."I put my students to observe personality traits tell the parents, but also please parents chatted about the child in his eyes and I need to place special attention."Long a home said to her:" Teacher, this phone you can not play."This can do work, Fan Rui also will carefully complete.13 years, she insisted communicate each school year and all students face to face, go to a hostel a week, twice a semester class meetings, adhere to answer students questions every day.Fan Ruis friends saw her 22:00 and more still writing articles, answering students questions, would advise her: "Youre very energy consumption," but she felt that "if you do not answer, feel sorry for the students."Fan Rui participate in the students emotional Salon.Fan Fan Rui Rui courtesy in view, a qualified counselor should have at least three qualities: faith, there is love, there is a sense of responsibility.Over the years has always insisted on a range of core principles, they do not believe will not tell the students listen."Counselors must have faith, believe in your own ability to teach students."Love and feelings are very important for counselors.Fan Rui in the eyes of every student is unique."They come from different families, have received a different education.When they encounter difficulties, counselor if there is no love how it can help them?"When Fan Rui just to work, earnestness mother had said to her:" Behind every child is a family, you are responsible for this child, but also to be responsible for the family.Even if you can do a bit more, so that the children become better for you personally it is a great achievement."Good conscience work, with responsibility for work, 13 years, Fan Rui work of early heart has not changed."Ideological Counselors should become a pioneer in network" to do the ideological and political education, it should ideological work under the guidance of online and offline combine both will be "key on the key", but also "face to face".2006 November 5 wrote the first article in the journal QQ space to work now, Fan Rui has original articles and more than 1300, a total of more than 100 million words.13 years, from QQ space to Sina blog, all networks, microblogging from the letter to the current broadcast platform, almost all students have access to the media, both in the Fan Rui.Fan Rui typical speech at the conference on schools.Fan Rui courtesy December 2014, Fan Rui opened their own personal micro-channel public number "Mo flowers".Fan Rui initially did not intend this platform for students, but with the fans then continue to increase, more and more questions backstage, and most of the students in the prevalence of common problems."I found this to be a good platform to communicate with students, I can answer some of their questions in the background, positive energy transfer."Insider, is Fan Rui commitment to students.No matter how busy she never ignore any one help.One student had told her: "You have to help the teacher to many students, the teacher concerned I am one, but you are to us all.In this information age of convenience, our thinking is like wandering in the crossroads chicks, homeless, fortunately, the teacher, you are always in."" Counselor should become a network of ideological and political pioneer, but also the recognized network of ideological and political but a daily ideological and political aid."Fan Rui believes that if students do not trust a counselor in their daily lives, then no matter how well the network ideological and political use.Fan Rui students to participate in the graduation ceremony.Fan Rui courtesy network consulting is no substitute for daily consulting, Fan Rui prefer face to face communication with students, "because when face to face, you can pass some information through facial expressions and body language."In and student exchanges, she found that there are different degrees of mental health problems, many college students, where emotions, feelings prominent problem.In the schools support and help, her self-psychological knowledge, participate in various mental training, passed the two counselors certificate, and in mid-2015 set up a "Fan Rui emotional education studio" set up "Love and Marriage" elective courses, designed every event and lectures, feelings and emotions educate all students face."My class is very popular, year after year are full."Fan Rui said the couple often attend her classes together, or even next door HIT students will also be lectures."There are some boys chasing girls at the time would come to me for help."Fan Rui said with a smile.Fan Rui graduate students to write a written request for leave.Rui Rui Fan Fan courtesy sometimes think about the meaning of work done counselor."This year graduation students have to say goodbye to me, someone give me a shout in the background, I am grateful to accompany them in their most difficult time, as well as student wrote me a fake article, he said, so well, the future can be."Simply giving students feedback, valuable for Fan Rui, the" can watch them health, peace, joy out of school, do something for the community, and teachers remember his alma mater, want to come back to come back to see, this is my greatest achievement to continue this work and significance."

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