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  Urho upgrade outreach perfect three-dimensional road traffic and promote global tourism (Figure) Xinjiang fruit fragrance with the arrival of the tourist season, Xinjiang Urho District quickly improve dimensional traffic system, to fight the global tourism Urho District people to get rich people rich industry.Urho District is to Xinjiang Kanas Lake gold tourist routes only way, has a unique geographical advantages, rich in tourism resources.The key to eco-tourism district Urho, the resource advantages into economic advantages that road.Two-way four-lane through the city to provide a guarantee for tourists traffic travel.Chun Wing duly taken in recent years, Urho District focused on construction of the "Ghost City World Class 5A scenic highway access", "Poplar River Canyon Road", "town ring road" and a series of transport infrastructure.Rural dirt road past now become a section of burnished asphalt road, highway through Urho, convenient transportation connections, as well as planning and construction of the project area airports, train stations, etc. but people do not think before Urho District dare to think things.Urho District urban roads through "Kui A high speed".Chun Wing duly taken by the end of 2016, Urho District launched a road construction project in the city, including the town of Urho road to Poplar River Grand Canyon, the town ring road and 20 "broken road" transformation.Urho overlooking the city, access roads, beautiful environment.Chun Wing duly taken to repair these roads, so that all farm track to achieve a hardening into the asphalt road, more so Urho town achieved "every village access road, every household hardened road," the goal.Previously, from Urho District Karamay District and 100 kilometers away can only take State Road 217.Without encounter occupy the road width, the number of large-scale oil field engineering team and coal fleet of self-driving need at least 90-100 minutes.Today, Karamay Urho area to area highways open to traffic, between Alexis Karamay Urho exports from the entrance to the toll station, only about fifty minutes drive.Urho District built fifty-one level scenic access road through the World Ghost City.Chun Wing duly taken Urho District is both an important part of the northern tourism gold line, it is also booming eco-tourism district.According to statistics, in 2020, the World Ghost City scenic total tourists reached more than one million people, the regions tourist traffic over 2 million passengers.But because sparsely populated, vast and inaccessible, the area sparse, distant, Urho and its surrounding rich and unique tourism resources combined efforts were not enough to build three-dimensional transportation Tours is imperative Row.

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