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  Zhejiang issued guidelines to encourage foreign investment in the field of seven industrial cooperation Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Commerce recently issued "Zhejiang Enterprise Overseas Investment Guide", to encourage foreign investment in seven areas, guide and standardize overseas investment direction of the enterprise, investment risk preparedness and response.Field Guide to the seven listed were: "along the way" along the national infrastructure interoperability, international production cooperation, cooperation in high-tech fields, the service sector cooperation, agricultural cooperation with foreign countries, energy resources exploration and development, overseas investment platform.The latest monitoring shows that Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce: January to June, the province by the filing, foreign enterprises and institutions approved a total of 334, the record amount of foreign direct investment 439.9.1 billion yuan, down 40.20%.From the point of view the number of items, from January to June the provinces foreign investment up 10 over last year.96%, showing a steady growth.It is understood, Zhejiang Province, mainly related to foreign investment in manufacturing, business services and wholesale and retail trade industries.

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