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  Wipe off the European legal barriers Johnson: will focus on creating a bright future According to foreign media reports, the United Kingdom has completed all legal preparation before the end of this month formally withdraw from the EU.Local 22, British Prime Minister Boris?Johnsons off to Europe to get the bill through the upper house of the British parliament.Bill will be submitted to the approval of Queen Elizabeth II.The basic content of the bill is Johnson had agreed with the EU "off Europe" protocol-related content, the bill seeks to implement the agreement in a legal form.Data for: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson."British people have been waiting more than three years to complete the de-Europe."The government spokesman said."Through, so that we can take off in Europe and orderly manner in January 31."British Prime Minister Boris?Johnson said the same day the bill passed means that the UK will be scheduled off Europe on 31 this month, the British finally able to put the past three years of rancor and division, began to focus on creating a bright future.United Kingdom from March 29, 2017 officially started off the European program, after several delayed release date in Europe and twice during the early election.January 9, the British House of Commons finally passed off with the EU reached Europe Agreements Act.The European Parliament will be held on January 29 off the final European agreement for consideration and vote, paving the way for the British off January 31 in Europe.

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