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  Xingan League of Inner Mongolia: ecological and economic benefits of comprehensive utilization of straw double upgrade Xingan League of Inner Mongolia is the major grain-League, it will produce ten million tons of crop stalks per year, fully tap the local value of straw, straw explore resource utilization, bid farewell to the traditional burning of the Field, so that once the "burden" change " Fortune ", resulting in a good ecological and economic benefits.Hingan past, every spring and autumn harvest season, and the land of a straw burned, the land of mist, caused by air pollution.With the emphasis on environmental protection, resource utilization has become an inevitable trend straw.Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and strive to 2020, the national straw comprehensive utilization rate of more than 85%.In recent years, Hingan done a lot of beneficial exploration in the comprehensive utilization of straw.Machine rumbling sound vibration in Hingan agricultural biomass Technology Co., Ltd., workshop, after several workers take turns operating the piles of corn, rice straw and alfalfa under high-speed operation of large machinery, is rolled into feed pellets."This feed particles into the edible salt and other ingredients, nutritional value may be high it."The company responsible package Tian Xi told reporters, straw feed of the only effective treatment of waste straw, but also to help cattle farmers and herdsmen to solve the problem of a full stomach.Use of biological composting technology, stalk rot decomposition can become high-end fertilizer.Love grazing biomass New Materials Co., Ltd with a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan to build an annual output of 50,000 tons of carbon base fertilizer, 10,000 tons of organic carbon fertilizer, 3000 tons of high-end wood vinegar liquid fertilizers and bio-pesticides project.The companys chairman, said in Wei Zhe, the project put into production, the company will consume nearly 300,000 tons of straw every year, poor households can increase income through employment and straw, income of 100 yuan per mu of arable land.Pulverized corn cobs and corn stover can be used for production of fermented edible fungus rod, corn, sorghum straw stalks is processed into tiles and other building materials, straw as a raw material is converted into biogas.Reporters found that Hingan explore a series of diversified, resource utilization, which allows the best use of crop straw, turning waste into treasure.Deputy Secretary for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Hingan Fuxiao Qiu said that after several years of practice, Hingan have explored straw feed of the base material of fertilizer technology, materials technology, the fuel of the "five material" of use patterns, strung a herdsmen, business efficiency "green chain".Data show that the straw can be collected in Xingan League reached a total of more than 660 million tons, "five material of" utilization reached 5.69 million tons of straw, the straw can be collected comprehensive utilization rate of over 85%, an increase of more than 5%."Straw utilization not only effectively improve the ecological environment, reduce the fire broke out, also increased farmer income, per capita income 30 yuan per mu."Fuxiao Qiu said the next step will be to increase Hingan policy guidance and support, development and expansion of the straw industry and strive to fight the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2020 or utilization of national industrialization demonstration base straw.

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