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  Xinjiang: ecological migrants boost Ebinur wetlands lease on life Xinjiang: ecological migrants boost Ebinur wetlands lease on life Xinhua News Agency reporters Sun Zhezuo and Zai Kuanchang new home, put the rest of my life put together Funchal cattle and sheep Buick Ha Andean I sweat very satisfied with todays life.Years ago, a number of Kazakh herdsmen in Xinjiang phase of the largest saltwater lake - side of Lake Aibi Cork Bass Tao, led the family moved here, 48-year-old co-Funchal Buick also mention this piece of lush plants grow up, get married.But for the fragile ecological environment Ebinur, the human and animal activity frequently and over-exploitation of groundwater, the surrounding environment is severely degraded.After the destruction of vegetation, this became a major source of dust storms.To repair the ecological environment around Ebinur, reproduce blue green water, the Authority Aibi Lake Wetland National Nature Reserve in 2015 to start ecological migration plan, mobilize protected areas 54 Kazakh herdsmen moved to live alashankou more than 40 km away.Shull together and provide a first reaction Buick neighbors are rejected."We will only grazing, leaving Cork Bass pottery how life?"Pastoral areas without electricity, running water, put together Funchal Buick although longing for better conditions of life of the city, but the lack of skills, his mind a bit worried."We work together alashankou herdsmen to solve the worries."Wetland National Nature Reserve Authority Ebinur Yao printed books that take local one to one way of helping families living in difficult pastoralists, herders will be fully integrated into the urban minimum guarantee to provide resettlement housing and medical care, education, etc. Support Policies.Let Funchal fit to mention the Buick pleased that he had the opportunity to participate in cooking, electrician skills training and other employment-governmental organizations on a regular basis."With technology, I is not afraid not based in the city."August 2017, to dispel the concerns of Funchal fit to mention the Buick sold cattle and sheep, became the first local ecological migrants.He has admitted more than this electrician certificate, his wife also entered training to become a local enterprise industrial workers, now the two can reach a monthly income of 6,000 yuan.Behind him, more than 200 pastoralists have moved out of Cork Bass Tao, a former production and lifestyle change, take the initiative to integrate with the modern life, but also to rehabilitate the home environment.By means of multiple ecological migration, relocation companies, and artificial rainfall, etc., and now, Cork Bass Tao again put on "The Green" long lost golden eagles, geese gazelle, red deer and other wild animals to reproduce shadow.Not far away, it was on the verge of drying up Ebinur area to recover and stabilize at around 800 square kilometers.Heard home again swaying reeds, birds fly, Funchal fit to mention the Buick was happy for his original choice: "Although not very willing to leave Cork Bass Tao, but to make their own lives and hometown have become better, I very satisfied."

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