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  Strength, both burst table Yen value, San Yuan Yubo debut 2019CBME! July 25-27, the annual feast of the worlds top baby who --CBME baby food, health food and snack exhibition, opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition!20 years of hard work, CBME always stand in the forefront of the industry, leading the industry new trend, provide the strongest platform for global resources pregnant baby industry.This year San Yuan Yubo again invited to participate in CBME, will shine along with more than 4,000 global brands in the international arena.Zhen love for the newborn, breast tribute San Yuan Yubo CBME will define this years theme of the show is "Zhen love for the new" booth design also simple atmospheric Zibai two color-based.The theme of the show is not just goods declared, it is following the "Zhen witness of love for the new San Yuan Yubo first maternal thousands manager quality journey," San Yuan UB tribute colostrum is another practical action to promote the community of breastfeeding, colostrum nutrition of attention and concern.It is understood that the development so far, San Yuan has always been adhering to "provide the best quality of maternal and child nutrition and related services, to the mother to bring the baby healthy and happy," the corporate mission, deliver products and brand strength with ingenuity and meticulous service.Ms. Yang Chunyan, general manager of UB branch CBME in an interview, also said: "milk as a substitute for breast milk, we have been a tribute to breast milk, breast milk exploring, and strive for excellence in quality, recipe and better meet the babys nutritional needs, So this year we launched the "Zhen love for the newborn," a series of activities."International quality, UB brand through market forces gorgeous upgrade baptism usher in 2020, the entire infant formula industry, the most competitive, the most critical year for development.The exhibition on CBME competition is particularly fierce, many brands of milk products competing debut single star, no doubt deliver an important message to the market, is inseparable from the outbreak of the brands star product differentiation support.It is reported that this years San Yuan UB gifted Bo Ruimu flagship product, is a tribute to the sincerity of maternal love, but also a great differential advantage of the star of a single product.Integration of global resources for the high-end milk, gifted Bo Ruimu choose latitude 48 ° France Bretagne fresh milk, add nutrients are direct mining in Europe.In the formula, preferably in Bo Ruimu UB biomimetic formulation based on the simulation of whey and casein protein ratio of human milk colostrum 9: 1, the ratio is higher than the market most of 6: 4 milk.It is worth mentioning that July 25 afternoon, excellent 博布瑞弗尼 also participated in a parallel forum "New trends in new liquid milk formula the future", this recipe liquid milk piqued the interest of more than 200 channels of live, many agents immediately said that this kind of breakdown products help to optimize store category structure, the new trend of drinking liquid milk formula.In addition, in 25?27 exhibition site, San Yuan Yubo new distribution of liquid milk formula Bray Fernie scene is very hot, visible from infant milk formula to liquid milk, San Yuan Yubo continue to expand in the industrial product structure, and actively boost the brand before Row.Channel competition, join a pre-emptive advantage of the brand is now intense competition within the industry, maternal stores gross profit decline, while demand for the new generation of the family to the next generation of conservation of linear increase, as consumers of product quality, shopping experience and after-sales service increasingly demanding , survival of the fittest in the market, more and more stores realized that only select high-quality milk powder brands and teams in order to better withstand market test.It is reported, it has been on the San Yuan Yubo rich with quality products and additional services, such as capturing a lot of high-quality chain "heart" Michaelis, the child king, such as infants and Belle.Mentioned in the next development plan, San Yuan UB represents the core enabling channel has always been to work in the future will focus on maternal and child head + waist channel system, focusing on creating superior Bo Ruimu ultra high-end milk powder, set up more efficient service team, product quality excellence, to solve the problem of maternal and child shop clerk actual capacity pain points.In fact, any category of mother to child can not always maintain a solid position, combined with consumer channels active hand in the situation constantly upgrade innovation is the last word.It is reported that this years exhibition CBME San Yuan UB cooperation with the international brand Haier infants Tong Dacheng, "good source of water + good milk" innovative thinking, cohesion expand service margin.Future, only to grasp the industrial development of each wave of new wave pregnant baby, can drive the development of new industries.We hope that more like San Yuan Yubo same visionary outstanding brand to make greater efforts in terms of products, brands, channels such as enabling, not forgetting the beginning of the heart and responsibility, and actively play their own industrial advantages, as Chinas dairy industry to steadily contribute to a former!

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