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  Cold chain logistics usher in a golden opportunity This year the industry market size is expected to reach 469.8 billion yuan chain logistics usher in a golden opportunity this reporter Li Xinping "Your crabs to!"Last year, Yangcheng Lake opened the same day, Dan Bird logistics takes only 55 minutes to reach the first single purchase Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs network, and to achieve 28 provinces and autonomous regions served within 48 hours, more than 250 cities within 24 hours delivery.In recent years, with the rise of cold chain logistics perfect, fresh electricity providers, fruits and vegetables, home delivery and other new economic model, we have just one phone, you can staple around the first time to the door.We can say that the current cold chain logistics has become an important infrastructure.End of last year, held Central Economic Work Conference called for the strengthening of cold chain logistics construction.The industry believes that the cold chain logistics ushered in the golden opportunity.So, now how the development of Chinas cold chain logistics situation?Where its short board, how to fill?Reporter conducted a survey of the industry in depth.Support to promote the development of the relevant market greatly expanded fresh consumer market, the pharmaceutical industry is entering a cold chain in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of mountains, which plants a very prestigious outbreak - matsutake.Every August, three months of matsutake season opened, Gan Jiang Ziya County octagonal Louxiang 3:00 villagers have taken up the mountain on matsutake.Picking the outcome of this decision three months of their annual income.Matsutake can only 3 days, Ganzi in winter and relatively long shelf life at room temperature, the road began to freeze in early October, we can only rely on manual back down the mountain."Walking down the mountain takes many hours, not fresh matsutake, and often sell at a good price."Octagonal Lou said party secretary Chen Yinjun.How to do?By cold chain.Villagers picking, UAV sent down, a pre-cooled, packed, loaded on the car cold chain, so few steps, fresh pine mushrooms to every household can."Unmanned aerial vehicles will be transported past the village on foot a few hours of time down to minutes, they have maintained their quality matsutake."SF Yun, general manager of Sichuan Branch Gu Yongjian said, different from the previous non-cold chain or put a few ice packs to the box model, throughout the cold chain so that greatly reduced the loss rate matsutake.Only in 2020 matsutake season SF 803 on the outward transport.5 tons matsutake, which greatly helped the local people income.Not only is the matsutake Ganzi, cold chain logistics just as a bridge, connecting from agricultural supply and consumer demand, the consumption of fresh local past insurmountable problems possible.Wang Dan Bird, vice president of ingot analysis, production and marketing of fresh traditional channels, a fruit from the tree to the consumers mouth, need to go through multiple aspects: farmers - local agents - other provinces large wholesalers - small wholesalers - retailers - consumers.Excessive levels of channel sales chain is too long, wasting a lot of time in the hands of fruit link, the larger loss."Cold chain logistics can put fresh suppliers, merchants, consumers effectively organized, straight hair by agricultural enhance logistics efficiency and experience to help upgrade the circulation of the branches of the specialty field more into the household."More importantly, if the entire consumer market compared to a fresh bucket, filled cold chain logistics short piece of board, will greatly expand the market space.Renaissance director Zhang Hui said the traditional fresh consumer market, the upstream is planting, breeding, production and sales end, the middle is the sales chain.Chain presents two small, scattered, miscellaneous middle part of the huge, inefficient, etc..The perfect cold chain logistics, so that new retailers expected to simplify the intermediate links, relying on information technology directly upstream Forced improve quality and service, and even do customized production, so as to promote the consumption of fresh market upgrading, industrial restructuring agriculture.While meeting consumer demand for fresh food to enhance food security, help the consumer to upgrade.Cold chain logistics and also on the development of a larger market."Both vaccines, biological products, bio-medicine or diagnostic reagents, cold chain transportation needs, but also for temperature control has a very strict requirements."Shun Feng Yun, head cold medicine Gao Zhiyong said, the pharmaceutical industry is entering the outbreak of the cold chain."Both for the fresh market or medicine, cold chain logistics and have a strong supporting role.The increase in both market demand, in turn, promote the development of cold chain logistics industry."Zhang Hui said that the Commission forecast Things cold chain cold chain logistics market in 2020 will reach 469.8 billion yuan.Private investment will occur is not strong, the "small bulk" which, when specialization has not been formed so "missing link" phenomenon, what is it cold chain logistics?Cold chain logistics generally include pre-cooling, packaging, warehousing, transportation, distribution and other sectors, mainly infrastructure cold storage, refrigerated trucks, insulation boxes, refrigerated supermarket display cases, of which any one part of the lack of cold chain facilities will make product quality compromise."In fact, the core of the cold chain logistics is not exactly cold, but heated."Chen Meng said CITIC Securities analyst, such as frozen food, frozen goods, ice cream and other frozen transportation needs, fruits, vegetables, beverages, milk products need to be refrigerated transportation, and pharmaceuticals need to transport temperature.At present, the biggest problem facing our cold chain logistics industry is the "missing link", can not guarantee that the whole thermostat.For example, in order to save costs, some drivers in the transport process would turn off the refrigerator, then start cooling when approaching the destination; for example, in the handling, loading process, because the operating personnel is not in place, they often lead to overheating." Scission problem stands out is that our cold chain logistics is still relatively decentralized, market concentration is low."Said Zhang Hui, the cold chain industry to small bulk enterprises, some enterprises often disorderly competition, price confusion, cold chain monitoring is not in place, the standard does not fall and other problems have also occurred.Why this big cold chain logistics market is hard for large enterprises?Zhang Hui, explaining the reasons behind the cold chain industry is a large initial investment, high operating costs, return on investment cycle is long, the rate of return is not high in the industry, resulting in many private business investment will not have a strong, investment is not big enough.According to the Committee of the cold chain was linked research statistics show that Chinas cold chain logistics market, although maintained a rapid growth, but the current cold chain logistics industry average net profit rate compression continues at 3% -4%, and.High costs coupled with low income, which led to 90% of our business is regional cold chain, most companies only transport some of the products in a particular area, not the formation of scale, industry concentration is low.Gao Zhiyong also admitted that the cold chain industry is still in the initial stage of development, especially in the cold chain in medicine, due to transport costs, network operating costs are too high, and the demand is not big enough, not yet a national company form of cold medicine chain network.In industry experts, another factor restricting the development of cold chain logistics industry is that the cold chain logistics industry specialization has not yet formed.Ping An Securities analyst Wu Wencheng introduced in developed countries, a clear division of cold chain logistics industry, interlocking.Transportation provided by transport trucks and drivers, delivery of goods to designated locations; warehousing responsible for determining the time of discharge, the goods stored in the refrigerator in a specified temperature; the company responsible for the maintenance and repair according to a distress call; cold chain platform is responsible for more contact each company, thus completing the entire cold chain chain of nodes connected."In contrast, Chinas cold chain logistics industry, specialized division of labor system has not yet formed, the majority of enterprises to provide a package of services, some of the waste storage and transportation resources, it is difficult to decrease operating costs."Said Wu Wencheng.Make short board as soon as possible on the development of land-use planning, personnel training, market regulation such as the urgent need for cold chain logistics force up short board how?- strengthen supervision, the implementation of standards to prevent "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon.Zhang Hui admitted that at present China has not yet formed covering the whole chain of cold chain logistics monitoring system, can not control the temperature of the various aspects of refrigeration, temperature recording devices using a full range of effective supervision, etc.."This has led to the standardization of enterprise performance standards high costs, companies can not perform standard but to seize the market, there is a certain Greshams Law phenomenon in the industry."" As an industry enterprise, we hope that the state can as soon as possible the relevant standards, and the whole process effective convergence criteria, so as to nurture the whole process with cold chain logistics tracking, monitoring technology company."Said Gao Zhiyong.- strengthen the planning, improving supply chain logistics infrastructure to improve network.At present, China cold chain infrastructure is more prominent structural contradictions.To cold storage, for example, terms of geographical distribution, greater demand for cold North Canton city, cold storage scarcity; and local provinces and cities and there are cold storage blind excessive construction, leading to oversupply of cold storage.From the cold functional point of view, the current cold storage type, less circulation-type refrigerator, freezer, less cold storage, cold storage sales to more, less origin of cold storage, cold storage function is positioned behind a lot of market demand."In this regard, the government should strengthen the planning, refrigeration demand in the larger cities, a corresponding increase in land-use planning, supporting or cold zone, in order to meet the needs of the development of the cold chain industry."Said Zhang Hui.- The creation of professional, increase training, increase the supply of talent cold chain industry.During the interview, whether experts or industry companies have said that the current cold chain logistics industry concentration is low, disorderly competition is also related to the scarcity of cold chain logistics personnel, especially the lack of professional skills to master the cold chain logistics personnel.With the annual increase in labor costs and changes in the age structure of society, become the new trend of intelligent cold chain industry, in this case a group of industry need to understand the "cold", "chain", "objects", "flow" of new professional talented person.It is gratifying that the application of new technology is now big data, the development of networking technology, intelligent scheduling systems, intelligent routing systems, etc., are constantly growing industry make up for shortcomings."We believe that the cold chain logistics huge market space will attract more large-scale, standardization enterprises to join, cold chain logistics market to promote better and faster development."Zhang Hui said that the current cold chain logistics compared to the integration between enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and other events in the past to be more action is greater, cold chain logistics market concentration and industry will further enhance the quality of service.

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