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  Zhang Jing high-speed railway and a half months: snow and ice reflect the effect of passion heat up city □ Hebei Daily reporter ZHAO Ze Yuan Weihua public reading prompted Beijing uncle sat high-speed rail to the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Zhangjiakou buy mutton; Dream youth with "one-hour commuter circle" open real "Twins" life; a big wave "Snow Friends" tumbled out Chongli ski town and hotel.December 30, the high-speed railway from Beijing to Zhangjiakou (referred to as high-speed rail Beijing-Zhangjiakou) launched operation.The picture shows the high-speed rail train stops in Beijing North Railway Station Platform.China news agency reporters Gu Tianyong and She Qunian December 30 opening of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail, to January 14 has been half a month, what new story Jing Zhang two people because it has high-speed rail?January 14, reporter two-pronged, and went to Zhangjiakou Chongli conduct visits.■ good fun coming and going early in the morning January 14, Beijing North Railway Station, it was still dark, waiting room full of people.Jing Zhang after opening and operation of high-speed rail, bound for Zhangjiakou, Datong and Hohhot direction of multi-pass high-speed rail originating therefrom.Correspondents from Jiangsu Province, and Li Jianming together waiting.Near the end, Li Jianming corporate headquarters to Beijing meeting, the meeting space whim, "never seen snow scene north Manshan, why not take the opportunity to look at."Last year, Li Jianming go Zhangjiakou see Dajingmen ideas, but to listen to colleagues in Beijing, said the road needs three to four hours he gave up the idea.Today, high-speed rail Beijing-Zhangjiakou arrive one hour, half a day you can play back and forth, he must go and see.6:40, Beijing was sent to Zhangjiakou Datong G2501 on time.Chinese New Year approaching, the carriage of passengers returning to the main passenger flow.Li Jianming, sitting in the front row, who lives in Beijing Shijingshan stone macro, is a veteran anglers.That day, Zhangjiakou Huailai several "anglers" get together party years ago.Previously, Wang Shi have to consider is whether to drive or take a local train to go: do not talk to the brothers drove a few drinks, take a slow trip a few hours, they might have to spend the night.This time, he does not tangle, and "convenient, Xizhimen subway turn to high-speed rail and 50 minutes to go, and I almost go to East Side."Got up early the coachman, passengers just want to take a nap effort, revival of nearly 300 km per hour train has passed through the stunning Badaling Great Wall tunnel.7:30, stone macro in Huailai station carrying wine excitedly walked.7:57, reporters and Li Jianming Station in Zhangjiakou, somatosensory temperature plunged, Li Jianming from the south tightened down jacket zipper, sit Dajingmen taxi.As the first city north of Beijing, Zhangjiakou has always been closely associated with Beijing.Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway hundred years ago and todays high-speed rail Beijing-Zhangjiakou, although only one word, both poor out of the 110 years of time, but also a difference of 10 times per hour.At this rate, first it brought great convenience to passengers on two interworking."Zhangjiakou ago people like to go to Beijing shopping, see a doctor."Zhangjiakou public Fanrui Qian said Beijing now too convenient."Especially near the Spring Festival, many young people are sitting together high-speed rail to Beijing mall purchase."And from Beijing hard core uncle Lee, practical action shows that Beijingers can also go to Zhangjiakou buy buy buy."New Year Beijingers do not eat lamb No, but good mutton easy to find, we had altogether directly Zhangjiakou."13:10, from Zhangjiakou, Beijing-bound train will start the G9102, two portable box lamb Lee has been reluctant to get on the train," Ill wait a while and then get on the train.Such a good lamb, to the car affect the taste of the."This let the train crew dumbfounding."These two high-speed rail tickets You can buy ten pounds of lamb."Crew said with a smile."Account can not be so considered, I can not come before.Now so easy to mouth delicious, so whats not worth ah!"Lee said.On this day, the reporter met not only Beijing and Zhangjiakou two passengers.8:14, at the Beijing Qinghe railway station waiting room, there are many passengers with luggage waiting.Aldan couple from Hohhot in taking pictures for their trip to Beijing to leave a memorial."We played two days in Beijing, one would take the train going home."Aldan said that before they come to Beijing from Hohhot take the fastest trains have six hours, Zhang Jing high-speed rail, so that the return Alatan shortened to 3 hours."High-speed rail too convenient, such as the weather warms up, we have to climb the Badaling Great Wall."Said Alatan.2020 Spring Festival, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia for many tourists who are not too boil people.Xie Yao with his wife and two sons also Qinghe station waiting room, their destination is Datong."We have not been home for three years, the New Year.This year children winter long time, we have to spend a few days at home."Xie Yao and his wife working in Guangzhou, two children go to school in Guangzhou.Datong need before they return home in Beijing transit bus, snow or encounter a traffic jam to boil in the car 7 hours.Now, they take the high-speed railway from Beijing to go home only takes two hours.The visitors go Chongli direction, one looked mostly "Snow Friends".Qinghe in the waiting room of the station, skis everywhere."I bought the four-hour ski ticket, sit in the afternoon back to Beijing high-speed rail."A Beijing skiers Zhang said, this is his third such day return Putrajaya."I used to have to drive to Chongli, about three hours by car, Après ski itself is very tired, and then driven back to Beijing, and from that day too difficult."Mr. Zhang said, and now he is relaxed, with ski equipment, buy round-trip tickets high-speed rail day easy to play four hours.■ booked rooms at 14 noon, dance too Chongli ski town parking, shuttle bus from the high-speed rail station, down more than 30 visitors to ski, ski service too dance hall ticket office waiting in an instant a queue."Every day take the shuttle bus from the station to the high-speed rail between 500 and 600 people, all under the high-speed rail station straight to the ski slopes, put on equipment and go skiing."Too ski town dance, executive vice president Lee Wing too, the" Beijing-Zhangjiakou thanks to high-speed rail, these days we are gradually achieve daily traffic holiday traffic, all 1,000 rooms booked.Our ski instructor has been increased to 300 is not enough to deal with, the latter will continue to increase."Guests, accommodation, catering and other services are also busy up.In Chongli, with the growing number of foreign tourists, the type of ski slopes catering is also increasing.Western-style dining and fine wine factory for foreign tourists in the ski dance too, there are the old Beijing Shabu other Chinese restaurants to cater for different dietary requirements."We are here in a hotel room reservations at least two weeks in advance, we are still in the construction of the hotel, the second phase project has now been capped, is expected in 2022, our guest can reach 2000."Said Mrs Lee Wing.In terms of accommodation, ski town dance just too big hotel had been fully booked, around a number of B & B also snapped up.Head of Fan Ruiqian or Youth International Travel Zhangjiakou, Hebei seven of the sales department, two weeks to see the changes, she believes that high-speed rail Beijing-Zhangjiakou Chongli not only began to change, the future is likely to change the entire Beijing, Tianjin and Zhangjiakou even on vacation tourism market structure."We estimate that this summer will be a critical period of the outbreak of Zhangjiakou tourism market."Fanrui Qian said, in fact, not only tourism resources in Zhangjiakou ski, summer vacation can also go to the prairie.Fan Ruiqian introduction, about 31.5% of domestic tourists are from Beijing Zhangjiakou.With the high-speed rail travel continues to heat up, directly contributing to the short-haul travel market.From "high-speed rail travel" to give the "multi-destination", "more joint tour" and other forms of tourism would quickly heat up, select the travel agency at the destination and route development, we are also considering how to deal with.■ "Twins" almost as a "city" home in Beijing Wei days of happily told reporters after the high-speed railway, his entire life rhythm "are completely changed it.".Wei days of serving companies around Chongli Putrajaya station construction project, before the project until delivery, he needs a long time in Chongli, often rushing back and forth between the two places Jing Zhang.Previously, every time he is driving the car back to Kyoto, and from the need to consume a day."Now the number of times I came home more and more, and more time with the family, Twins basic become a city."At 14:06 on the 14th, the City of Prince of Qinghe G8826 Station bound train out of the station slowly.Beijing, Zhao Dongming day went to a meeting in Beijing, he one day in advance to prepare for the Beijing Conference.Zhao is Chongli people, Zhang Jing high-speed rail, so he often went to Beijing for a meeting very glad.Before the high-speed railway, because of work requirements, Zhao often drive to Beijing later and too much trouble, simply rent to live for a few years in Beijing, his wife and children separated.High-speed railway, Beijing Zhao returned the house."In the future will often take the child to sit high-speed rail to Beijing, climb the Great Wall, visiting the zoo, had a Twins weekend."In Billion Tong Power Technology Co., Ltd. responsible person view, to bring high-speed rail Beijing-Zhangjiakou city effect for enterprises immeasurable positive.Billion Tong is a focus on hydrogen fuel cell engine systems technology development and industrialization of the company headquartered in Beijing, in mid-2017, Yihua pass in Zhangjiakou built hydrogen fuel cell engine production base."On one hand, we have a large number of employees who need to flow between the two places Jing Zhang, costly.High-speed railway can effectively improve the travel efficiency of our employees, reduce operating costs."The official said, on the other hand, science and technology enterprises need to develop great talent, high sensitivity requirements of the market, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail to bring the talent flow, capital flow, information flow, will allow enterprises in Beijing, Zhang two places to run more smooth and efficient.

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